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Slytherins can love Gryffindors


The Draco/Neville Love Community
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All Members , Moderated
Hello and welcome to draconeville, your friendly neighborhood community dedicated to the quite obscure, but very intriguing pairing of Draco/Neville.

A few rules to get you started! Read 'em, commit them to memory, make them your BIBLE, and run amok!

1. MOST IMPORTANTLY: HAVE FUN, AND LET OTHERS HAVE FUN TOO. That is what fandom is all about. Don't flame our lovely writers, who are offering parts of their soul their hard work up for your entertainment. Spread the love. Even if it's angsty love.

2. All fic, art, icons, etc. must mention Draco and Neville in some way (preferably together, or threesomes...or foursomes...those are nice too XD), though other pairings are of course allowed (we aren't trying to limit you, here ;))

3. Please put all fic and art behind a cut or link to your private journal/archive. For icons, you may put up to three outside the cut as a teaser.

4. Use all relevant parts of this header when posting to the community:
[yes, please do specify Draco/Neville, there are people like sappholococcus with a million comms on her flist and the more precise you are about exactly what this is, the more likely we are to click on it!]
[these are Incredibly Important.]

et cetera.

5. When participating in a fest, please refer directly to the fest rules as they are posted. They may differ from the rules above.

6. If you have any comments/questions/problems/anything at all, really, feel free to contact your mods.

This community was created by missambs. It is now run by iheartbowie, sappholococcus, and neojng.